Jul 3rd, 2012
Make Up Aftercare Advice
Be aware of allergic reactions - in the event of a reaction remove with damp cotton wool, and apply a soothing lotion such as calamine lotion.
It may be necessary to spritz the face later to freshen up the look of the makeup, or touch up any imperfections. Lipstick may also need to be re-applied lipstick, do this with a lip brush, apply lip gloss and blot.
Avoid activities - such as swimming, saunas, steam rooms and other hot environments.
Avoid touching the face.
Use a spray fixative or setting powder to make the products on the face last longer.
Use blotting sheets/paper that soak up excess oil on the skin without ruining makeup.
Removal of products - use eye makeup remover and cleanser.
Try to cleanse, tone and moisturise your face twice a day using products suitable for your skin type.
Give your skin a day of ‘rest’ so it can return to its normal pH and prevent the chance of break-out and stress of the skin.
Jan 24th, 2012
The Importance Of Toner

Many women don’t use toner as it’s seen as something unnecessary and useless… but is that really true?

Toner is designed to restore your skin’s natural pH balance after cleansing. Each time you have washed your face you are upsetting your natural pH balance. Most cleansers may minimise the amount of oil on your skin but you are also robbing your skin of moisture. Your skins pH balance will become too high which results in dry skin. Your skin is naturally more acidic than alkaline (pH scale is 0-14 your skin is around 5.5 …4.5-6.0 is the optimum range for healthy skin). Toner IMMEDIATELY restores your pH level to the optimum range. Using toner actually helps your skin absorb your moisturisers and serums better than when it is dry. 

Other benefits of toners include:

  •  Removing dirt, dead skin, impurities and toxins
  • Reducing excess oil from the skin
  • Speeding up cell turnover

Liz Earle Toner

My current toner is by Liz Earle, I got it for Christmas and I LOVE it.. I actually don’t even feel the need to moisturise after using it and it smells like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever smelt. Just a quick application to my face after washing it and it feels wonderful and is such a lovely experience, I actually bother to take off my make up (I know I should) before bed because I love using it so much. 

Jan 11th, 2012
Seven Deadly Beauty Sins (Okay, not so ‘deadly’ but you get the idea!)
Not taking your make up off before bed!We’ve all done it! I’ve been the worlds worst for this, but here’s the stuff you didn’t know…  Not taking your make up off before bed doesn’t just mean your skin doesn’t have a chance to breathe.. it’s also ”marinating” in a days worth of oil and debris overnight (Gross huh?) You’re skin is unable to not only breathe but regenerate tissue,exfoliate dead surface cells and heal itself. If you’re especially forgetful what I do is keep some face wipes (not the same as doing it properly but better than nothing at all!) in my bedside table just in case. You can even use extra virgin olive oil on a cotton pad to remove tough eye make up. Don’t be afraid to use the olive oil, its not only good for your hair but your skin also.  
Wearing your pony tail too tightlyToo much pull on your hair can cause traction alopecia (your hair will fall out) however luckily this is unlikely to be permanent. 
MoisturiserWearing too much can have a reverse effect. The excess cream will not be able to absorb deeply enough into your cellular tissue. This means that your pores can become clogged and your skin will be unable to breathe. This can even result in dryness! Don’t skip the moisturiser all together though, your skin needs moisture to look its best. This means inside AND out, eight glasses of water a day is what the doctor recommends - fizzy drinks do not count (and they are so bad for your teeth!)Make sure you use a good moisturiser that’s suited to your skin type, and don’t be afraid to use one if you have oily skin. The more you dry out your skin the worse it’s going to be!
Washing your face before your hairI’m betting this is a new one to you? If you have sensitive skin washing your face first can lead to your pores becoming clogged and your skin becoming covered with all the debris and oil you’re washing out of your hair. Make sure you thoroughly cleanse away the residue on your face after rinsing your hair.
Using bar soap & body wash on your faceYour skin is more sensitive and delicate than the rest of your body, so  its understandable that it requires a different cleanser. Bar soap is the worst offender being not only drying but an irritant to the delicate skin on your face. Bar soap actually takes the moisture from your face, that tight feeling you get after using it is actually dry skin. All the anti aging products in the world can’t fight against that. Bar soaps are also abrasive and contain high amounts of salt. That salt irritates your skin and causes lots of problems. You’re a lot more likely to experience break outs after using bar soap, that’s your skin telling you that its not happy with what your putting on it!  Body wash isn’t as bad as bar soap, but still its normally heavily perfumed and not designed to have a low pH like facial cleansers. Body wash will not only once again dry out your skin but irritate it also.  Also a hot shower might be a nice experience but its terrible for your skin! The hot water washes away all your skins protective oils which will leave it dry, tight and itchy - imagine the combined damage with your harsh soaps!The hot water and harsh soap liquefy and wash away the stratum corneum the outer most layer of skin cells and sebum which protects the under lying tissue from infection, dehydration, chemicals and mechanical stress (ouch!!)The skin is the body’s largest organ, you should take care of it by having luke warm showers this will help keep you from washing away your skins protective barrier. 
ProtectionPrevention is better than cure. Using sunscreen can not only protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.. but protect against wrinkles! Anti aging creams may slightly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but once you’ve got them they aren’t going anywhere.  The sun can also cause a whole range of problems for you and your skin, we all know about cancer, but even if you find you bruise easily that can actually be due to prolonged exposure to UV rays! Buy a foundation that has an SPF, but in summer its better to use a sunscreen as your foundation isn’t likely to have a particularly high SPF which is what you will need when the sun is beating down on you all day. 
Touching your face Would you put your fingers in your mouth after using public transport or going grocery shopping etc? No? So why would you put your skin through that? Touching your face with dirty hands will only transfer the dirt.. leading to breakouts! Wash your hands before you touch your face.