Jul 3rd, 2012
Fading lipstick tips

How to avoid the ring-around-the-mouth look when lipstick fades faster than your lip liner

It is a fact that many lip pencils will outlast lipstick any day of the week so how can you keep your lips looking great all day long?

Consider this when applying lip cosmetics:

Invest in Quality Store brand lipsticks tend to fade more than professional cosmetics.

Use a base for your lipstick Try using blusher as a base for your lipstick. Pat blusher onto your lips with a brush and you will find your lipstick has more “fade-resistance”.

Use blusher as a lip liner Some lip pencils go on so thick the color overpowers the lipstick. A quick remedy is to use your blusher as a lip liner as well. These lipstick tips help prevent any feathering or bleeding and that has to be good news..

Jul 3rd, 2012
Make Up Aftercare Advice
Be aware of allergic reactions - in the event of a reaction remove with damp cotton wool, and apply a soothing lotion such as calamine lotion.
It may be necessary to spritz the face later to freshen up the look of the makeup, or touch up any imperfections. Lipstick may also need to be re-applied lipstick, do this with a lip brush, apply lip gloss and blot.
Avoid activities - such as swimming, saunas, steam rooms and other hot environments.
Avoid touching the face.
Use a spray fixative or setting powder to make the products on the face last longer.
Use blotting sheets/paper that soak up excess oil on the skin without ruining makeup.
Removal of products - use eye makeup remover and cleanser.
Try to cleanse, tone and moisturise your face twice a day using products suitable for your skin type.
Give your skin a day of ‘rest’ so it can return to its normal pH and prevent the chance of break-out and stress of the skin.
May 25th, 2012


I’ve been addicted to make up the past few weeks. I feel so girly. Haha! Well, it is Mr. Eman De Leon who made me love make ups! Thanks Mr. Eman, you’re the best! =)

He send me some items from the Revlon Photoready series, I must admit that I love them all! Actually, I love everything…

Apr 22nd, 2012
Inika liquid mineral organic foundation

inika foundation

Inika liquid mineral foundation claim’s to ’blur the line between moisturiser and foundation. With extreme staying power that won’t clog your pores like normal liquid foundations, your skin has room to breathe with no oily residue.’ 

You are to apply it with either your finger tips or a brush in sections on your face working outwardly.

Personally I found it easy to apply though slightly thicker than my regular foundation it spread easily and had good coverage..one thing I do have to comment on is its amazing smell! I thought it smelt like tea tree oil but my partner says its quite citrus like either way while walking down the street whenever the wind blew I could smell it again - it was lovely! The foundation didn’t become oily like regular foundations, nor was it heavy on my face. 

If it weren’t for the price 
£29.50 (incl. vat) I would definitely switch over! However I can’t say you can expect to pay much less for an organic mineral foundation.

I give this product a 4/5!

Mar 30th, 2012
Diary of a Beautician in training.

Today was final make up assessment day.. Fantasy make up was the theme.. Its more or less no restriction.. you can create what you want, it could be club wear, carnival, fashion show, copycat of some on famous, or for a festival. Each of my fellow students did something different.. some were colourful, and had great effects added. I’d drawn inspiration from something I’d seen about 2 months ago.. and today I used fake lashes with feathers on the ends, a lip tattoo (not permanent) and alot of black eyeliner.. We start off my cleaning our models faces, then cleanse, tone, moisturise.. and examine their skin.. Then the fun starts… adding the make up.. Mine looked fairly normal to begin with as I used a light foundation, then worked on the eyes.. I used a primer to hold the eyeshadow, which was a loose powder in white with lots of pearl and shimmery sparkles.. I then lined the top eyelid with black eyeler and on top used black sparkly shadow following the line under the eye.. After that a bit of mascara.. then I added the black lace mask which I drew with black eyeliner.. I’d used liquid black liner in a previous (dummy run but it dried out too quickly). Then I added the lip tattoo.. and a final dusting with powder.. Let me know what you think..

Mar 21st, 2012

If you’re going to be photographed DON’T apply too much shimmer or highlighter onto cheekbones as it reflects a lot of light from the camera flash and can adds pounds to your face.

Mar 21st, 2012

DO apply Face Primer under your base so that make-up stays put all day.

Mar 21st, 2012

DO apply loose powder down the T-Zone, chin, upper lip and jaw line to de-shine.

Mar 21st, 2012
Mar 17th, 2012
Latest nail art.
Mar 4th, 2012
Fake some freckles!

This season Glamour Magazine UK declares freckles are in! If you’re lucky enough to be a sun-kissed beauty naturally then congratulations, but if not then you can fake them by using either a brown eye liner pencil or lip liner. If you are light skinned, don’t go too dark! Try to do irregular shapes and dots (not too big!) consistent big round dots will look unnatural. Throw in some teeny-tiny barely visible dots as well this will make it look more natural. Make sure you only put your freckles where the sun would naturally hit your face (where ever you would apply your bronzor - see our ‘How to apply bronzor’ article!)  also apply your freckles over your bronzor so the brush doesn’t rub them off! 

Mar 4th, 2012
We love these fake lashes from asos! £15
Feb 9th, 2012

Liquid Liner
liquid liner 

If you have difficultly applying liquid liner with a steady hand try doing dots along your lashline then joining them up!

Feb 9th, 2012
How to apply: Bronzer

When choosing your bronzer, make sure you don’t go too dark; you want to look sunkissed not dirty. 
A bronzer should only be at most 2 shades darker than your skin.
If you have fair skin you’ll want a ‘honey’ coloured bronzer or even one with a slight peach or pink tone to it to look more natural.
For a medium complexion a rose-bronze or a medium bronze with gold flecks.
Copper shades suit olive skin tones, and dark skin is best suited to amber bronzers.

Try to avoid ‘orangey’ shades, these will look far from natural.

Note:  If your contouring your face shape.. then do not use a shimmer or one with gold sparkles.. keep to the matt and its better to go just a shade or two darker to your own skin tone.. and build the colour from that blending well.

You should use a bronzer brush to apply your bronzer, you can either use the thinner more slanted brush, but personally I prefer to use the bigger ”fluffy” brush instead as I find that it doesn’t come out to concentrated and requires less blending.

Slanted Bronzer Brush

Bigger Bronzer Brush

Before you apply your bronzer apply some base powder, any moisture or oil on your skin can make your bronzer streak. If you aren’t wearing foundation try putting on a light moisturiser so that the powder has something to ‘stick to’.

Cover your brush evenly in your bronzer, you don’t need much at all, just make sure its even. Make sure to tap off any excess before you put it on your face, don’t blow on your brush as any moisture can cause streaks. 
When you are applying your bronzer think of places the sun would naturally hit your face. Use very light strokes, start with the top of your forehead then across your nose and along your cheeks blending downward. You may also want to apply a small amount to your chin.

Make sure you’re building the colour up naturally to ensure you get the colour you want without going too dark.
Before you leave the house, check your bronzer in daylight (best to apply it with natural light) to make sure its not too dark and looks natural - after all I’m sure you don’t want to look like an Oompa Loompa! 
If you think you’ve put on too much use a cotton pad to try and blend it in the place you think look to dark, or apply a little base powder. If it still doesn’t look right you may need to start again…practice makes perfect!

Feb 4th, 2012

Turn eyeshadow into a liquid eyeliner by using a wet angled brush.