How to apply: Bronzer

When choosing your bronzer, make sure you don’t go too dark; you want to look sunkissed not dirty. 
A bronzer should only be at most 2 shades darker than your skin.
If you have fair skin you’ll want a ‘honey’ coloured bronzer or even one with a slight peach or pink tone to it to look more natural.
For a medium complexion a rose-bronze or a medium bronze with gold flecks.
Copper shades suit olive skin tones, and dark skin is best suited to amber bronzers.

Try to avoid ‘orangey’ shades, these will look far from natural.

Note:  If your contouring your face shape.. then do not use a shimmer or one with gold sparkles.. keep to the matt and its better to go just a shade or two darker to your own skin tone.. and build the colour from that blending well.

You should use a bronzer brush to apply your bronzer, you can either use the thinner more slanted brush, but personally I prefer to use the bigger ”fluffy” brush instead as I find that it doesn’t come out to concentrated and requires less blending.

Slanted Bronzer Brush

Bigger Bronzer Brush

Before you apply your bronzer apply some base powder, any moisture or oil on your skin can make your bronzer streak. If you aren’t wearing foundation try putting on a light moisturiser so that the powder has something to ‘stick to’.

Cover your brush evenly in your bronzer, you don’t need much at all, just make sure its even. Make sure to tap off any excess before you put it on your face, don’t blow on your brush as any moisture can cause streaks. 
When you are applying your bronzer think of places the sun would naturally hit your face. Use very light strokes, start with the top of your forehead then across your nose and along your cheeks blending downward. You may also want to apply a small amount to your chin.

Make sure you’re building the colour up naturally to ensure you get the colour you want without going too dark.
Before you leave the house, check your bronzer in daylight (best to apply it with natural light) to make sure its not too dark and looks natural - after all I’m sure you don’t want to look like an Oompa Loompa! 
If you think you’ve put on too much use a cotton pad to try and blend it in the place you think look to dark, or apply a little base powder. If it still doesn’t look right you may need to start again…practice makes perfect!